Infographic: Plan the future of your network

Infographic: Open Network Architecture

Plan your digital transformation with the unique insights into the future of cloud and mobile given by Cisco's latest Visual Networking Index.

Over the next five years global digital transformation will have a significant impact on the demands and requirements of IP networks according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index™ (VNI) Complete Forecast. Asia will lead the world, generating 107.7 exabytes/month of IP traffic by 2021 while the Middle East and Africa will lead global growth with 42% CAGR. IoT applications will represent more than 50 Percent of global devices and connections by 2021.

View and download the latest Infographic to better understand the implications of these changes for your network. There are also links on the page to other resources provided for operators and service providers by the Cisco VNI and Global Cloud Index (GCI).

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